A Cast Oaf the Part Bowed

(From 2014) If I was sinking any faster, I wouldn’t have to swim. Court the relations of daily drama and feed me a line I can quiply respond to, like a kitchen faucet drip spilling out of synch. Fear of the unknown hides behind closed doors to empty houses in the lost reaches of forgotten memories belonging to someone you never knew, who don’t believe it themselves. It’s the known that I’m not so sure about. It’s all self-explanatory except for the instructions. Life in the fast line leaves me hungry for more velocity in the efforts to abandon this ship and weigh ranker at the situation I continue to flounder in, feeding the sharks of society’s ills, while staring straight from my blind eye gone numb with the blur my life has become, barreling along the high way, over the rainbow made by the missed that catches the light at the end of the tunnel vision view as I drive right on over the waterfall of my circumstances. I can write these words hot into the future and seer this dream, burning the bridge before I can get to it, but can I use it to fly across the great divide of ability and opportunity? Read on and find the answer, just don’t spoil it by telling me… I like suspensive stories (especially this high up over the bottom line)…

I bemoan my inability to focus on packing up and cleaning up this house of my troubles while I am able to function as a see worthy unit in so-so-ciety. The rest is putting my frustrations to imagery, and then, referring to this writing and style, wondering if it will ever be read by anyone beside me …but shhh… that’s the secret.

Be careful out there…

Utah Tour 2008 (225) Be Careful!

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