Six Word Stories

My first efforts in this interesting mode of story telling…


I came. I saw. I shrugged.


Political discourse walks a slippery slope.


The man. The myth. The disappointment.


He only lies to the disbelievers.


Work. Retirement. Now what to do?


Luck. Right time, place. Wrong person.


Once upon a time. The end.


Boss. I spoke my mind. Oops.


Told her what I thought. Oops.


Honest opinion. I told her: Oops.


Six-word story. Almost enough to…


Bare trees. Frozen ponds, Life asleep.


Heart aches. Time heals. Carry on.


Eyes beheld. Breath caught. She ignored.


Glancing. Gesturing. Posturing. The actor lives.


Defiant rage. Adamant refusal. Terrible twos.


Creative communication, open mind, art lives



Vache Danse

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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