Visual Soundings

I have been focusing on visual art… and listening to the colors of my whims and needs, not really knowing which is which, but catering to them each as I can. And as I cannot upload a file at this time, the time is not released from its previous commitment and your eyes will have to fallow on along without harvesting my wears of light…

I am inspired by various energies within my creative output, and tend to forget that I have multiple directions in which to aim my intentions. I think I will intend to try once more to upload some random art, but from a different file. Write about it as I read the weigh…Checking It Out Q1

Ha. Fooled you… it’s the original file I tried to upload, but I had to sign out and then sign back in to get WordPress to accept it. Color the balance squared up.

Stay focused while I go to bed…


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