I Met A Girl!

I met a girl… wow, I met a girl!

With eyes and lips

and silky hair,

A real live girl, with grace and charm!

A wonder well beyond compare!

I met a girl,,, A girl! A Girl!

And everything has changed!

My life is sudden upside down

And somehow rearranged!

I met a girl, my head’s aspin,

My heart

just jumps for joy,

How do I act, what do I say?

My mind cries, “Boy, oh boy!”

I met a girl, oh such a thing,

But real

as real can be;

I met a girl who lives and breathes,

And gave her smile to me!

I met a girl, a lovely girl,

She took and held my hand,

And rockets


in my chest!

I just do not understand!

I met a girl

…and she met me!

How lucky can a fella get?

She spoke to me and said my name,

And I’m glad …‘cause I’d forget!

And I spoke to her as well!

I talked to a real live girl!

My stuttered mind gave mumble voice,

My jumbled thoughts a whirl!

What to say … to a real girl?

No dream, but really real?

That she’s sun-shiny warm and sweet,

And lovely in all appeal?

Egads! The Truth! How dare??

My fear of what to say:

Frantic flailed blandishments!

Scarce I frighten her away!

But somehow, after all the stress

And as far as I could tell…

I really think she liked me, too!

Oh boy! Oh boy! That’s swell!

I met a girl, …wow: a lovely girl.

A real dream come true.

The sky is not the limit any more…

…Oh my goodness! Now what do I do?!!

Stand Up And Sing!

Stand Up And Sing!

2 thoughts on “I Met A Girl!

  1. Never use “swell” as a positive emotional ejaculation simply because it rhymes unless you are: A. Sarcasm incarnate or B. 94 years old. If you are both of those, steer clear of “girls” and stick to women.


    “As much as I discerned…

    I really think she liked me, too!

    At least, that’s what I learned.”

    C’mon, man, be better than swell.

    • The use of the word, as well as the term ‘girl’ is to portray youthful exuberance, innocence and shyness… from my generation, the one before the 90+ year olds. Thanks for your thoughts… I think they are swell!

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