Look: The Other Way

Intimidated by distraction, I look the other way and notice that the desk top of my computer is wavy beyond the water surface now playing. The screen is getting on in age (for such an item), and the wear is starting to tear my attentions away from the subject at hand, over my knuckles, down my fingers and pressed upon the keys to unlock your tentative awareness that we are speaking on the same page, but listening to different views of its regard. I feign indifference at whatever it was that held my focus and move forward into the night, hard at the easy feel of the Sunday evening blues. I finished two of the three spherical ornamentals I’ve been working on (as well as a spur-of-the-moment black and white ball to actually use to play ping-pong, as an experiment of sorts), titled, respectively, Mushball Land and Flower Bulb according to the subject matter of their artwork. I can only do a bit at a time on the third ball as I’m using metallic gel pens and sparkle pens for the stars, which take longer to dry than the markers. You know how that goes, when your sparkle casts bright upon the sharp stage of awareness and things are looking good, until it is noticed that there are smudges tracked all across the floor of your theatrical vehicle because you are actually all wet… but that’s another story.
Which must mean that it’s pizza time! Let me fire up the oven, unwrap the frozen (fresh, I’m sure) delight, stick it in the cooker, set the timer and come back for a quick peck at these chicken scratchings of communication while you are reading the entire preceding. Did I catch you looking the other way, too? Okay, I’ll wait for you here.
Caught up yet? Good: there ‘s the timer; pizza’s done and I’m hungry. Would you care for some? Help yourself. I have only snacked so far today, so it’s good to get a well rounded meal, which I prefer to square pizzas… something about the corners, I suppose. Since I’m not standing on formality (I’m sitting in my chair), I will just feed right in to the moment and help myself ( I’m tired of waiting to see if you are going to help YOURself ) to dine on this delectably dairied disc. Cheers.

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