Fancy Meeting You Here

Racing from one dilemma to another, my life puts me up in the air and is not too coy about letting me drop flat on my literary face with you as the substance I encounter. Greetings, but maybe I should be somewhere else? I am attempting to navigate my financial way through the turbulent channels of day to day flow, not having the capacity to hold my breath for the scary parts much longer. That is par for this course, if you would prefer another course, please see the attendant at the other end of the line, and he will be able to assist you in your needs.
Meanwhile, for those of us who are following me through thick and thin, like an hour glass metronome, the situation is becoming entirely partial to the fun-filled amusement perk of stress and strife. The rides make me dizzy and the cost is more than I can bear, so I am furiously (yet still with an eye toward smiling) producing my ping-pong ball ornamentals in hopes that they will catch the attentions of local society. I’m taking a dinner break for lunch late in the evening right now, so I thought I’d catch me up on all the things you haven’t been reading about, at least not here. I am putting more detail on some of these balls, and although it thus adds to the over-all time in production, the result is to create a more interesting and (hopefully) desirable ornamental object. Any more mac and cheese? If not, I gotta get back to the drawing board. This is Saturday night and I’ve got a lot riding on the efforts I put into my work, so pardon my abrupt transition to change my spheres of influence, but that’s the way the artwork bounces. Bend an ear and try one on. I’ll read you later.

Under Construction

Under Construction

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