Time Bounces On

Parameters of awareness butt up against a wall of uncertainty composed of deceptions, lies and irresponsibility, some mine and some not. I am boxed. But, am I boxed in or boxed out? My hopes listen for the music of appreciation and involvement, my ears ring with (another) great potential as the day keeps moving on, bringing my night ever closer. The light to my life steps toward the sunset with the steady cadence of years and I struggle to maintain the vision I employ as guide to the dreams I once held to be my life’s direction. The dark that hides before me does not reveal where it may lie, but there it is, plainly displayed for anyone to see. What has happened to my sure and destined course, where have my actions taken my time and what results do I offer to the history of reality? The air grows cold as the day plods to evening, the thickness of life’s pressures stress the structure of my emotions and puts bite to the encompassing atmosphere of relationships which had hithertofore given strength and stability, but now offer little else than token acknowledgement, finding me lost in the ever thicking frozen fog. I lift my view and breathe another vision into your waiting eyes, bouncing the followed ball and giving the ear a ring worth listening to see. Perhaps this idea will hit the bell on the noggin and hold appeal to tone regards upon my efforts. See?

Mirrored Ornamental Ball Day-Night Flowers

Mirrored Ornamental Ball Day-Night Flowers

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