Bouncing Eggs, or The Great Roll Reversal Caper

I face the day and the myriad realms of future that lay available to my intent, wondering by what measure do I choose an action to put into play some of these potential realities and cause the others to vanish forever, or become altered to fit their own viability in continued opportunities presented. My creative output has taken a(nother) promising direction in what began as Christmas gifts for my family and has now become the focus of my efforts to touch the eyes of admiration and desire. A simple concept with a fair amount of work involved for the (monetary) return I get. I use this possibility to (further) inspire and stimulate creative effort and production. I had the realization last evening that I seem to work with much more dedication at my  chosen profession (artist and writer) when I am counting on it to produce income, than when I was more able to sustain myself with the mundanium of daily employment and be creative for my own enjoyment or for a specific commission. I fight for my stability in this cold society, I struggle to find the means to maintain and survive without losing what little I have. My belief in myself, reinforced by the expressed admiration (and financial remuneration) of those who enjoy my work, sustains my spirit and enables me to continue to produce works of beauty and wonder that give pleasure to the eye and stimulate the imagination. I have been busy with my new endeavor and am slowly building a stockpile of products to offer for sale at an art show next weekend (the monthly second Saturday show at the Lost Artist’s Colony in Chicago.) I am going to put forth what energies I can toward this effort, and will thus be less able to write… not that I am prolific in that at all. Maintaining these (3) blogs is to be hampered by my more immediate financial considerations, but that’s the way the winds of necessity are blowing for the moment. If you (that’s you, reading these words) actually read my words (see?), and if you enjoy them, and if you look forward to reading more, then I apologize in advance for the lack of volume to come in the next space of days. But hey, we all need to communicate in whatever way we can and right now my drawing/ creating of earrings/ornaments is speaking the loudest. My many creative inspirations make it difficult to work on all my creative inspirations!

My day has been faced and I am freer (funny looking word. eh?) from considered social conditions than I had been yesterday. I do not comprehend the ramifications of this yet, but my perceptions will evolve with the circumstance. Meanwhile, I continue to push on and hope to find a smile to share along the way. See you there?

Mushrooms in the round!

Mushrooms in the round!

Flower Pong Ball ornament

Flower Pong Ball ornament

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