It Was A Dark And Smarmy Night

It was a dark and smarmy night and all the buoys were floating around the campfire getting some shut-eye in the land of the blind, when the capstan got up and spun us a tail of windblown travel and adventure, taking us to places we’ve never seen, doing things we’d never imagined, sailing into a sharp eye-blue horizon. The breeze holding steady, the air crisp and clear, cutting through the day as along the defined plane of intersection between two mutually exclusive environments, we sail. With the lift of one and push of the other, our literary vessel pierces the time between now and tomorrow, holding forth substance where there is none to be had, and giving wondered thought to the depths, below and above, with bright enthusiasm. Our goal is not to reach that horizon, although it is only an arm stretch away, but to experience the facets of travel towards it. The touch of weather, the harsh of seas, the heat of unrelenting sun, the sultry cool from gentle breeze and a taste of experience won; the star lush nights of dreams come true, the waves rode hard in vigored joy, and all the day-to-days we’ll view within the bounds our fates employ.

We travel, each to their own journey, together and apart, filling the time with our lives and aging into our horizons, sailing the seas of experience and dream, becoming who we are today and who we will be tomorrow. I wish you pleasant travels and smooth sailing …at least for this endless moment, for who knows what the next will bring….

121912 Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

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