What You See Is What You Get

Loquacious indemnity rides me like a bronco bucking saddle tramp deriding the very steed he has become within the rodeo of life. Ride ‘em cow, boisterous in tensions and celebrating innocent angst, rife among the daily deeds dearly done upon the back of my travails. I step forward far enough that I am only half a step behind the leading edge of eternity found in the continual flow of whatever happens next, giving me cause to strive further toward being able to maintain the status quotient which divides what one gives from what one receives in this structured society. My artistic endeavors are pleasures to create and share, in hopes that they may bring wonder to the eye (that reads) and stimulus to the imagination (that sees) of those (such as yourself, as you read) who read the strangely constructed sculptures of words and images I create. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a word can provoke a thousand images. Picture that, if you will.

My ride has become the means for me to become the rider and back off this weary plan. I continue to plod my efforts in the various mediums I employ, fulfilling my vision ideas in bright and marvelous ways, amazing me with color, form, texture, motion, sinuous curves and hard cornered transitions splashing bright across the canvas display of your mind. And that’s just for the written word …the visuals tell their own story.

Vortal Locus

Vortal Locus

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