Last Willing Test To Money

12-09-12  I’m putting this same post in all three of my blogs, because, hey, it’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to.

Ambivalence rocks me to the core, drowning my sorrows in a thirst for more insipid perspectives, as I abjure token repletion to the hard bitten truth of my skin deep irritations, my neglected seats of contort and relaxation and my need to define  and communicate, in lieu toward resigned decay and complacency. Symptoms of intentional focus are quickly attended to and disbursed among the wonders of the universe and imagination. What reflection can compose my substance as it eases into its berth effectioned moorings with the water levels getting low and the imagery all wet for the sinking? Yet I swim forward into the clear blue sea of the tomorrow, as every moment has its own day. I look to see who I am, where have I brought myself to within this life, in what direction am I traveling, how am I working toward my life’s goals and how can I help myself be a better person within the context of those around me, yet all I find are the shadows cast by that which lies yet up ahead and thus unclear. I move to the light of entropy and dream , not really sure which is holding sway over my attentions in the greater capacity, and starting to feel the strain of day to day existence as it is applied within the hierarchical confines of the society’s conditioned reflex. Philosophical maunderings muddle the already turgid flow of my evening inspirations, the chill of autumn’s wind washes its hand over the face of my days, causing me to bundle my dreams and keep them warm in the thoughts my heart holds when it sleeps. Perchance to dream, and the chance is given. It is the visionaries who read this dream who hold the dream come true, who see the light beyond the light and passed it beyond view in vision won by current effort spread across time and space with limits existing only outside the realm our immeasurable imagination can project. Coming soon to a literary communication device near you. Now, if only this can be directed to produce viable, steady and significant income then it’s all yours to have and to hold which would give me a break, and I wouldn’t mind the rest, for I am getting tired…. I’ll see you next year, whether I’m there (appropriately aged but with spare change to show for the spending) or not.

Follow the Light

Follow the Light


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