Comet Allez-Vous?

The piano music play of my keyboard words sets the tone and tempo of curious and interesting narration toward, on this particular evening, trying to figure out just what rhythm and tune holds this course discourse, with a finger to the eye and a mind at each end, listening to the voice of writing as a creative arts endeavor in the composing, arranging and scoring of the piano music play. I enjoy circles, they always have a point to get to further up ahead, so you don’t have to be satisfied with what is written such that it turns left at the next corner, and continues down the long stretch of dusty road offered before your travelling eyes. The sun has been warm and rather bright, but the strong breeze is refreshing as it pushes and plays against your face and hair. You goal is still miles ahead, but you are cruising in comfort and style, listening to old jazz music on the radio, slowly nodding your head in easy tempo and smiling into the wind. The few trees are tall and green, the grassy fields between them dance in swirling, turbulent, playful games of tag with the quick summer air, looking like the rolling surface on an unsettled sea.  Here and there white-caps clap and splash, sending spray to your face and refreshing your smile as your vessel rollicks in the wash it is plowing through. A sudden finger of liquid spirals up a few yards to the starboard side, twisting and writhing high and higher, growing thicker until it towers over you like a serpent climbing to the sky. There is a saddle strapped to its back and you quickly climb up to set yourself down, find the stirrups, gather the reins and kick this eager waterspout creature up into the waiting heights, pulling free of the colors of earth, riding a whipsaw steed into the coruscation of starry skied night. Comets flash and fly along side, giving challenge to speed and grace. You laugh and kick your heels hard into the side of your mount, sending sparks flying and turning it into a silver sparkled shooting star which spins, loops and outruns all the others in a flashing dance of twisting light in the steady tempo rhythm of the ever present piano music play of my keyboard words…

Wild Ride

Wild Ride

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