Err A Pair and Take These Words

This last written sentence comes first, but is thus mistaken as being the forerunner to and not the foretold of a creative writing effort wandering out of control and into your errant, reading eyes, thus giving title affirmative hold, ere finding substantiation in pronounced ploy. Later on, near the start of this next completed sentence, a slight pause to consider how to carry forth ensues, followed by a quick reference back to the beginning before leaping forward like the simile of a small-talk smile, and eventually, without further ado other than an unnecessary descriptive flourish, everything is finally summed up in the overall conclusion which begins in a straightforward manner and then commences to lose control in pushing to following its own lead further along until it manages to become the completed sentence referenced at its beginning, earlier on. Conditioned reference continues along this line as an aspect of mutual consideration regarding the intention read heretofore herein clear in the wild blue yonder of sharp edged clouds seamed crisp against the sigh-blue sky of a day that passes into night and sleeps in the silence of the moment. Variations clear the heir apparent and bequeath immortality (as far as we can see) to the wind-like action of the written word, caught in the air appearent of interpretation and consideration. Etymological entropy, perspicacious insight, intuitive realizations, surreal communication. What: fun.

An Arch Double Take

An Arch Double Take

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