Back Where I Came From

 I had a random incident unexpectedly prompt me to figure out the correct combination of name and password to give me access to my old Blogger account. I’m back on and running with that blog, too. Cool! I was posting stories and longer stuff over there, so I suppose I’ll maintain that direction. If you haven’t read any of it and would like to, I’d recommend going back to the first entries and working forward as I serialized a couple longer stories and that is how they should be read. The link is

And that will take you to the most current (today, just before this writing) entry. The first Entry (the lone one 2008) is Dianne’s introduction and then my entries start in 2009, with the oldest scrolled down at the bottom of each month. A bit of a pain to have to scroll down then find the start, but that’s the way the entries, and stories, are laid out. I’ve tried to figure how to stack the entries oldest first, but haven’t been successful.

If you make the effort to click over and read, I thank you very much! I always appreciate appreciation, for that is one of an Artist’s rewards!

Oh… there is at least one link on the 2008 that is no longer valid. Our first website, gone but still remembered. And the cross/angel photos are one style in our line of bookmarks. Oops… I just found the link to our second, yet no less defunctioned, website, which was for Into Focus Arts, another of our business ideas. It was (and still is) a good idea, even if the site didn’t pan out. Blog on. (Go Zazzle!)

So, I am back where I came from (having left quite involuntarily) in this blogging endeavor, and it is nice to stretch my mind a bit in that neighborhood.

The Other Door

The Other Door


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