E. Pluribus Snack

In spiritus sanctus obligato munchies on a Monday morning: uber alles pizza. But this refrain is pleasantly refuted, rerouted and reconfigured in the name of surprise gifting and unexpected alternative: brownies are offered and honored (off and on with a magic spelling) right out where you can read about them. The drumming hum of routine is smoothed out a bit, bite by bite, sweetening the outlook for the day and showing that the coast is clear… which is just fine on this downhill ride because there are no brakes to slow us up (just the fast break for the breakfast line you were probably thinking I might offer… which I actually don’t, because I finished off those goodies when I wrote this, years ago) on our race toward tomorrow. (My ride wrote its way here from memories past, just in time to reach your eyes now. Luckily I had some brownies to keep me going.) Chew slowly and carefully.


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