A Thousand Angels

I had a dream. I dreamt I saw a thousand Angels. They were bright and golden to behold. They sang beautiful words of power. Words like ‘Truth’ and ‘Justice’ and ‘Freedom.’ They faced me and brought their arms to point and confront me in righteous authority. They proclaimed me accountable for the myriad sins and ills of the world. They accused me of terrible crimes and affirmed me as antithetic to their glorious songs. They named me traitor to their deity and defined me as anathema. They took me and laid me spread eagle against the clouds so that all could see their virtuous actions and take warning against challenging their worthy ascendancy. They lauded their efforts loudly with exalted celebration and devoutly smiled in satisfied rectitude. Then they turned with their wrathful zeal to seek other wrongs to right, licking their lips in split-tongued anticipation, their pointed tails trailing from under their golden robes as a gentle hand touched my head and bestowed upon it a nimbus of soft light…

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