Read and be read by

Sounding out the touch of your breathing eyes, I wrap this fingered voice into the future of my silent past so that you now hold our union as a defined symbiosis in which co-joined separation is at once real and negligent with neither of us confined to these efforts, but held to each other by your actioned choice in a timeless state of communication. Such is the wonder of the written word. I am inspired to create through writing, to capture some of the fleeting energies that currently flow through the wired synaptic realm of this personal moment. The nature of creativity deserves a closer look, but I bumped my nose on the mirrored view causing reflections of confusion to write their own story in the surface found between here and you. Therein lies the rub (touch it to make sure) that presents a static flow, like glass upon a silvered dream found in your own future of (maintained) present awareness, to cover the emptiness of time with the substance of eternity. See you there.

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