Hello world!


This is the third blog I’ve had. The other two have seemingly been lost to my access beyond passive viewing as the name and password no longer respond to allow me in. A frustrating state of affairs, but giving me the opportunity to start anew here. I don’t know if I can (or will) copy the posts from the other blogs, but I can give the links to them for you to be able to enjoy them until the blog is closed due to inactivity. I have tried to contact any kind of administrator about the issue, but it seems the blog help section consists of a question answer forum monitored by other users with no actual administrative powers. Well thought out and easy to maintain, I’m sure. Here are the links. The second link only had two posts and was a bit of an experiment in utilizing artwork. Read the first blog (indirectlightcreativearts) from ealiest to latest as some of the writing is serialized. Enjoy!



I will strive to carry on from here…

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